Our Roots

Aw Pottery Studio was founded by the late Mr. Aw Eng-Kwang in mid-1940. The studio had a humble beginning making latex cups for the rubber industry, and later developed into a famous art center.
Eng Kwang’s talent had never been recognized until he joined the First Sculpture Exhibition in Singapore in 1967 and a solo sculpture show in Kuala Lumpur in 1968. Aw Pottery lampstands and shades were widely used by major international hotels in Singapore and Malaysia. The Aw family’s pottery studio flourished into a popular tourist attraction in Machap, Malaysia, and it became a must-visit for locals and overseas visitors, including Johor’s Sultanah and Crown Prince and Jack Lord, star of the original "Hawaii Five-O" and a renowned artist in his own right.
Yew Siam, the son of ceramist Eng Kwang, surrounded by ceramics since young and develop a strong passion for clay. He has learned to sculpt almost sixty years ago and becomes a sculptor. Some of his art pieces are currently displayed at the Aw Museum, Machap.
Remington Ceramics
Founder - Yew Siam
As a sculptor with an enthusiasm for clays and a desire to develop variety of ceramic products; pottery, ceramic tiles, table wares, sanitary wares, water filter elements and hand formers – Remington Ceramics.
Social Responsibility, Economical and Environmental sustainability Products
From Malaysia to the World
Remington Ceramics is a manufacturer of ceramic products and was founded in 1984 by Yew Siam.  

Based on over 30 years of experience within the manufacturing and trading. We are dedicated to develop new and innovative products. Innovation based on the latest technologies available resulting in the highest quality merchandising products that give improved product presentation. Our focus for the now and future is to continue to innovate and offer the best product lines, supported by high quality and excellent customer service.


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